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  • The following TENSES chart gives you a clear idea of the English Tenses & how to use the right Verb Form suitable to Time and Aspect.
  • We can't equate the Tenses of  English to any other language. 
  • Tenses are primarily  Three : Present, Past & Future . 
  • Each Tense has four aspects: Simple, Continuous, Perfect & Perfect Continuous.  
  • So, we can make 12 types of  VERB FORMS in Active Voice i.e. starting the sentence with a Subject ( Agent or Doer of Action)
  • The selection of the  verb form depends on two things in the sentence. (i) Time ( Present/past/future)   (ii) Subject ( Person&singular/plural )
  • Verb Form ( VF) is either a single word of the verb or the combination of a helping verb + a main verb
  • Be- forms : am, is, was, are, were, be, been, being
  • Have- forms : has, have, had
  • Do- forms : does, do, did,  done
  • Main Verb forms:  Take ( V1 or Present Tense or Base form) , Takes ( S-form or Present singular), Took ( V2 or Past Tense),   Taken ( V3 or Past Participle), Taking ( ing-form or Present Participle)
  • There is no main verb form to indicate Future tense. Shall / Will + main verb gives Future Tense.
  • This chart tells you HOW ( form) to use the Verb only, further you need to learn WHEN ( context) to use a particular form. For continuation please follow the blog....

                                                      TENSES    (  ACTIVE VOICE )


( .... ‘be’ form+ing)
      ( … ‘have’form +V3)
(…. ‘have’form+ been+ ing)

I/We/You/They speak English.
He/She/ speaks English.
Verb Form : V1 / ‘s’
I am speaking English.
We/You/They are speaking English.
He/She/It is speaking English.
VF : am/is/are+ ing
I/We/You/They have spoken English.
He/She/It has spoken English.
VF : has/have + V3
   I/We/You/They have been speaking English.
He/She/It has been speaking English.
VF : has/have+been+ing       

I/We/You/They/ He/She/  spoke English.
Verb Form : V2
I/He/She/It was speaking English.
We/You/They were speaking English.
VF : was/were+ ing
I/We/You/They /He/She/It had spoken English.
VF : had + V3
 I/We/You/They/ He/She/It had been speaking English
VF : had+been+ing       

I/We shall speak English.
You/They He/She will speak English.
VF: shall/will+V1
  I/We shall be speaking English.
You/They He/She will be speaking English.
VF: shall/will+be+ ing            
I/We shall have spoken English.
You/They/ He/She will have spoken English.
VF: shall/will+have+V3
I/We shall have been speaking English.
You/They He/She will have been speaking English.
VF: shall/will+have+been+ing

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