Monday, October 19, 2015

Have , Has, Had

       Have , Has, Had  : 

  'Have forms' are an important set in Auxiliary ( Helping) verbs. They can act independently as Main verbs and also help other main verbs.        

 How & When to use ‘have’ forms :  

1.   ‘Have forms’ are used as main verbs, independently, as substitute for the main verbs  possess, eat,               drink, get..etc. ( Simple present tense / Simple past tense )

  Ex:    I/we/you/they have a cycle .  
           I have my lunch at 1.30pm regularly
           He/ she/It has many toys.      
           He has his tea at 7am every day.
           I had my dinner at 8pm.        
          They had many books in school days.
           I shall have my lunch later. ( Simple Future)

2. As helping verb, used before V3, (Present/Past/Future Perfect Tense )         
   Ex : I have taken lunch just now.  
         We have received a message.
         She has just finished her work. 
         They have already got the results.
         We shall have arrived by that time.
         He will have attended the work.

·    Generally we avoid telling time in any Perfect Tense. We can use the signal words/ adverbs of time                 like just now, just then, recently, lately, already..etc.

3. As helping verb , used before  been+ ing   ( Present/Past/Future perfect continuous tenses )

  Ex : I /We/You/They have been learning grammar.
         He/ She has been waiting for the bus.   
         I/We/He/They had been working on that project.
        I/we/He/They will have been watching the cricket match.
  •    ‘Have been’ verb form without main verb  is also used instead of the verbs   ‘ go, visit , exist ‘
                           I have been to Delhi many times.  She has been to London once.
                           He has been good.   It has been there over a long time.

4. As helping verb, used before ‘been +v3’ in Passive Voice.
   ( Present/Past/Future Perfect Tense-  Passive Voice )

    Ex:    The call has been received.    
             All the books have already been sold out.
             The guests had been invited.
             The results will have been declared.

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