Monday, October 5, 2015

Helping Verbs - 'Be forms'

Be-Forms :  am, is, are , was, were ( Primary 'Be forms'. They can independently act as main verbs and also help certain forms of main verbs. They can determine the tense i.e present/past and the person and number of the subject.)
                     ‘Be, been, being ' are secondary ‘Be’ forms. They can’t determine a tense or subject’s number. They can’t start a verb structure but follow another helping verb. They serve special purposes in a verb form. You can study the examples and understand their function.

Classification of Primary Be-forms:



am ,  is

Let us understand the basic use of these ‘Be forms’ through examples. 
The basic function of   ‘is’  at four situations  :  
    a)  He / She is a singer. ( a fact, independent use, acting as main verb, Simple Present  Tense)             
          It is there in the book. It is beautiful. It is our National Anthem. (   ,,     ,,    ,,    )
    b)  He is singing now.  ( Present Continuous Tense, helping ‘ing form’ of a main verb)
    c)  It is sung by all Indians.  (Simple Present Tense, Passive Voice, helping V3,)

   d) It is being sung by all Indians. ( Present Continuous Tense, Passive Voice, helping V3 + another Be form ‘being’) 

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