Sunday, November 6, 2016

List of Some useful IRREGULAR VERBS

Verbs are two kinds. 1) Mani Verb  2) Helping (Auxiliary) verbs.
Main Verbs are innumerable.
 Helping Verbs are just 27. They are a) Be-forms, b) Do forms c)Have forms d) Modal auxiliaries. 
Please go back to older posts for the detailed notes on these Helping Verbs.

Every Main Verb has 5 forms. Some verbs don't change in  V2  and  V3 forms. They are called Regular verbs  Ex: PLAY-PLAYED-PLAYED
But some other Main Verbs take different forms in V2 and V3 forms. They are called IRREGULAR VERBS    .Example is given below: 
1) TAKE  :   V1 or Present Tense or Base form 
2) TOOK :    V2  or Past Tense
3) TAKEN  :  V3  or Past Participle ( Not Future Tense)
4) TAKES  :   'S' form , Present Tense -singular
5) TAKING  : 'ing' form  or Present Participle  ( Not Present Tense, but Present Participle)
Here is a list of some Irregular Verbs:  You can  find some other list of the same in older posts.


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