Saturday, January 28, 2017

" ly" is not always an adverb

The word that modifies ( gives an additional information about ) a verb, an adjective or another adverb is called ADVERB.

Ex: 1.  I have arranged this shelf neatly.  (the adverb 'neatly' modifies the verb 'arranged' )
       2. It is a very beautiful building .  ( the adverb 'very' modifies the adjective 'beautiful' )
       3. I have finished this work very quickly.(  very + quickly + finished = adverb+adverb+verb)

 * Many  adverbs end with the suffix 'ly'. There are different adverbs of time,place, manner and degree.
 *But all the words that end with 'ly' are not adverbs, some of them are Nouns and Adjectives,Verbs and Interjections too.
FIND here TWO separate tables

1) Adverbs that  are commonly used,  end with ' LY '.
2) The words that are not Adverbs , but end with LY.


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