Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Characteristics of people

Here is an interesting exercise. Read the dialogue box of each person and choose the correct describing word (characteristics)  from the given list. This activity is similar to the fifth activity  in Lesson 4 in 'English for Polytechnics -Communicate Better -book-2 '(Describing objects and people  ...in Common 408  / CM-308 / EC-309 )

Note : Observe the omission of  one or more letters denoted by an apostrophe 
Example: - Robert's a  good person . ( Robert is a ....)
Apostrophe is used to denote missing letters and also  to indicate possession of something.
Ex: It's Robert's book. / They've repaired their dad's car.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Class room Phrases for FRESHERS

First year Diploma classes have already begun.  Some of the students may hail from villages and from Telugu medium. Polytechnic courses are all in English medium. Students must tune themselves to the usual announcements of their teachers . Here is a diagram full of  Imperatives in English from your teacher. ( request / command / urge someone to do something ) Read and understand them so as to follow your teacher in your classroom.