Thursday, June 27, 2019

REVISED- C16-Common-508- Presentation Skills

Revised Edition of C16-Common-508- Presentation Skills 

Please be informed that C16-Common-508 Presentation Skills ( Lab Practice ) has been revised and the entire file is available on  SBTET website under notifications  Dt. 19-06-2019
                    The syllabus is slightly modified by including topics of  LIFE SKILLS in 4th to 7th chapters for making Presentations. These Life Skills topics make students feel refreshed and they can gather information and prepare PPT / Flash Cards/ Poster / Flip Chart...etc.  It is also decided that teacher should provide the material on LIFE SKILLS from the C09- Common- 601- Life Skills book ( published by Orient Black Swan ) The students of the class will be divided into 11 groups and each group will be provided a chapter from the said book. Each group can work on the allotted topic and make presentations. From chapter 8th on wards, students must select the lab experiments from 1year, III Sem and  IV Sem to make their Presentations.

                               This revised syllabus of Presentation Skills will be in force for the academic years 2019-20, 2020-21 & 2021-22 till the last batch students of C16 who joined this year in June 2019 come to their Final Year in 2021-22.

Find the web link under :   
 go to 19-06-2019 and Download the material

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